What are your insurance tips for home buyers?

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Home insurance 

Take a video of everything you own, everything, and keep it in a separate place from your home. Ask for the “special” policy. Remember that your home insurance amount is not related to the value you may use to sell your home. They should be close but they are not the same thing. Even in the worst type of loss, your land is still there and the value of the land is a big part of the selling price of the home.

To avoid burglaries, follow the strategies that your police department recommends. , do not have bushes right in front of your home. Those rows of bushes that so many houses have are great hiding places for a burglar who is waiting for the right moment to break in. Keep your porch lights on all night every night. If/when someone wants to break into your home, they won’t want your neighbors to see their face.

Keep a fire extinguisher, up to date, in your kitchen and in your garage. Consider insuring your house and your car with the same company. If you have any valuables such as jewelry, weapons, art, collectibles, have them listed and added to your policy on a “floater”.

Finally, here is a mistake that many people make. When you may have a very bad storm with a lot of rain and the wind drives the rain into your home, DO NOT REPORT THAT AS A FLOOD. That is not a flood. That is wind-driven rain. A flood is an overflow of water from a river or lake, for example. Your regular homeowner insurance does not cover floods. That’s a different type of policy insured by the federal government. When a bad storm drives water into your house, DO NOT USE THE WORD FLOOD.

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