Why did the number of Americans without health insurance reach a three-year high in 2019?

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Health insurance

Americans without health insurance
You no longer have to have insurance. My sister went to get insurance and it was $405 dollars a month with an 8,700 out-of-pocket expense and only offers 35 dollars off of medical bills. She is pregnant and no insurance covered more than 40% of labor and delivery.

405 dollars times 12 is 4, 876. Normal work and conveyance are 7,000 in California however if you want a c-area it tends to be up to 15 thousand.

If we go with 60% of 7000, she would have to pay $4,200. Besides including pre-birth care and stuff it will be near $9, 176 in the event that anything goes right.

If she wanted insurance for her husband, they need to add another $4, 876. If he sees no doctors, gets no test done, needs no hospitals,, etc it will be $14, 052 dollars year. $9, 752 for insurance. from health insurance alone, they are paying 20% of their income on health insurance.

She needs it more than him so he backed out. But, they don't know how they can afford to even make the monthly payments.

Half my friends opted out of medical insurance because they were paying 10-20% of their income to health insurance but couldn't afford to actually see doctors or get medical help. They are stupid but they all don't see any reason to pay for something they can never use.

My friends don't go on vacations, they don't have the latest iPhones or Samsung's. They don't wear fancy clothes or otherwise waste their money. They have kids to feed, apartments in California are not cheap. I was paying $1050 for a one-room apartment. I don't ask my friends their prices. Most have student loans that they are struggling to pay. They choose to insure their kids but can't afford insurance for the full family. During Obamacare forced insurance, they spent close to 40% of their income to be insured so they don't get any insurance penalty.

It makes cruel sense why medical insurance numbers are down. Plus Medi-Cal is not easy. You have to turn in income slips to prove you make the amount you claimed. If you work for a job with different incomes every month, that may mean you get insurance one month and lose it another. Plus, Medi-Cal is hard because s lot of doctors don't take the instance.

Then you have the ‘this is a free country's people who don't like to have government dictate what they should and should not do. Illegal immigrants are scared to apply (in CA, they can take insurance even Medi-Cal) because they may be sent back over the border if they do.

I was jumping for not when Trump took off the insurance penalty. everybody needs insurance but penalizing people for opting out of insurance is right.

Plus, Obamacare raised the pricing of insurance up which means fewer people can afford it. If you are poor but not poor enough for Medi-Cal it can be overwhelming.

I live in CA. We still have CoveredCA (Obamacare), I don't know if this is the same for every state but in California, we are in a constant fight against raising taxes and pricing in everything and then freaking out over another bill most of us can't afford.

This is more complex than Trump wants Obamacare gone. The insurance companies are greedy and find ways to screw us over again and again. I don't even think universal healthcare can fix our issues.

Despite what I say, please get health insurance. I know nobody plans to get injured, sick, or catch a disease. But, it can happen. You need to plan for an emergency. An average emergency room visit where I live is $1000. If insurance even covers 40%, that can still drop your bill to $600. That is better than full. One car accident, one pregnancy, cancer, or injury can ruin people without insurance and even with.

I love our healthcare, I hate our prices. My sister will be fine.

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