Real pet insurance (USA) that's not a scam 2021


Real pet insurance (USA) that's not a scam 2021
pet insurance 2021

Is there real auto insurance (USA) that’s not a scam? Is there real medical insurance (USA) that’s not a scam? Real pet insurance (USA) that's not a scam 2021
Insurance is insurance. They are all regulated by each state-yes, even pet insurance. Any insurance product can provide the ability to share risks with others. , The expenses you pay during the validity period of the policy are more than the benefits you get by apportioning the expenses to regular payments (usually monthly). In return, you can be protected from catastrophic events.

Without pet insurance: You save $30–50/month by not getting a policy. Your cat is hit by a car, or your dog tears a cruciate ligament in the knee. One trip to an emergency clinic or specialist can start at $1000, and by the time you are done with the medical problem, you may have had to spend $2000, $5000, $10,000, or more. Can you do that? Or do you have to choose to let your pet suffer versus humane euthanasia?

With pet insurance: You spend $30–50/month for coverage. Now when your cat is hit, or your dog tears a cruciate ligament, you pay your deductible ($500? $1000?), then 70–90% of all the rest is paid by insurance. You may have to pay upfront and be reimbursed, but that generally is within 5–14 days.

True story: Several months ago, one of my teammates got a new policy for her dog. Omit, one week later, the dog tore a cruciate ligament. Before she could get surgery, the cruciate ligament in the other knee tore also. Instead of paying $8000, her total after insurance was closer to $1000.

I have pet insurance for my dog. There are many pet insurance companies out there today, all regulated by the states. There are none that I would warn you to avoid.

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