What can I do to get cheaper car insurance (UK)?


What can I do to get cheaper car insurance (UK)?
car insurance

married and need help with insurance? 

My parents have Cigna insurance. I understand that I'm no longer considered an eligible dependent when I'm married, but I'm also a full-time pupil. Which status is the dependent variable when considering eligibility? If I’m wedded AND a full-time council pupil, does that mean I can’t get content?” 

Home and auto insurance question? 

I live in Michigan. Do we've to buy our auto and home insurance, within this county? Or can we get it from any agent in the state?

What's public liability insurance? where can I get one?

I'm applying for a business permit and one of the demands is public liability insurance.
My 17 was caught driving an auto without a license or insurance? 
Does anyone know how important of a forfeiture he can expect to get? Can’t believe he has been such an idiot! He has no way been in any kind of trouble before this.
I’m turning 16 this time and about insurance prices on many buses? 
I lately plant a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt, and a 1997 Pontiac trans am. Like I said I’m turning 16 this summer and I want to know what auto is better on insurance for a sprat like me? I would also like to know which would be better for the layoffs in Idaho? An estimate will be fine. Thank you much.”
Is there similar a thing as a common life insurance plan? 
wondering if there's such a thing that would cover my partner and me on one policy. For partner. 20 or 30-time policy for around$ where either myself or partner would ride the policy.”
Insurance with a permit? 
so I've my permit, and I can now start driving on the road, so if I need insurance for me. the auto I’m gonna be driving is ensured, so do I need insurance for myself.”
Still, can you start driving right down or do you need to stay until you get the?

If you're added to auto insurance. Document in the correspondence
Auto Insurance for 18 Years Old. HELP? 
I'm Asian, I turned 18 histories, and got my auto too. It’s a 2005 Nissan 350z Enthusiast, Yellow. I’m wondering, how much does insurance cost for 18y.o that drives sports auto? I checked with Geico, progressive, 21st, and Allstate, and they give me enough precious decoration. wondering about you guys. How much do you pay for bus insurance?
Can anyone recommend an insurance carrier for assuring the contents of a house move (besides the carriers)
I'm moving the contents of my house from California to Colorado using the Capsules transport and storehouse- Capsules insurance is precious and covers nothing so I would like to find a dependable insurance company that will cover my things during conveyance and storehouse

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